VABODE is a licensed mental health agency that provides community based services for special people experiencing life the hard way.

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  • Skill Building

    VABODE's Life Coaching is Mental Health Skill Building Services for adults in need of training to establish and maintain safety, health, and independence within their community. Persons impacted by their disability may be eligible when they have met certain criteria, which can be assessed by one of our professionals.

  • Therapeutic Day Treatment

    Therapeutic Day Treatment Services are provided by Qualified and Licensed Mental Health Professionals for children in school or our center and includes counseling to the family in the home. This service is designed to help students maintain school enrollment when behavior or emotional concerns interfere with maintaining educational placement. Children ages 5-21 may be eligible when risk factors and criteria are met, which can be determined by a free consultation with our friendly professionals.

    Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Therapy (IOP)

    Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment (IOP) is a service for people chemically addicted; offered in group and individual sessions, Licensed and Certified Addiction Specialist provide therapeutic solutions to achieve recovery.

  • Job Oppurtunities

    VABODE is a technologically advanced state-wide mental health agency that currently has positions for mental health professionals with Masters Degree in Counseling or Social Work experienced in human services fields only. Candidates experienced in Intensive In Home Counseling and Mental Health Skill Building may qualify for a signing bonus. Qualified applicants will enjoy competitive pay with annual increases and frequent bonuses for timely and skillful performance.

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